10 Essential Skills Every Human Resource Specialist Should Have

Management of human resources (HR) is for some small companies comes as a second thought, and yet Human resource management is a vital component for successful companies or organizations.

The significance of human resource personnel explains why people with the right HR skills, often have their next job curved out for them in the marketplace and earn good salaries.

Well, in this article, we give you an insight into the eight most crucial HR skills you need to either establish a vibrant human resource department or to hire the best HR talent on the market.

Skill #1: Communication 

Exceptional communications skills give you a set of keys that will unlock your potential to leave a mark as a human resource specialist. Communication skills such as writing, reading and speaking are essential because they allow you to connect with everyone along the chain of command – from the top managers to employees and external partners. Today, many HR specialists are applying a blend of written and spoken communication to elevate the way they interact within an organization.

Skill #2: Team building 

Team building is one of the most critical skills you should be looking for in a Human Resource specialist. An HR specialist who knows how to build teams can bring the following benefits to your company.

  • Mitigate conflicts
  • Encourage transparency
  • Elevates open communication
  • Boost collaboration and engagement
  • Promote better performance

Team building skills are an essential skill that helps design the image of the company culture.

Skill #3: Administrative skills 

An essential skill you must have to successfully scoop a job as an HR specialist is administrative skills. Everyone who works in HR must be well-organized and able to complete management related tasks. Organizational skills include the ability to file paperwork, conduct meetings and present vital information to both external and internal partner, and be ready and alert to respond to employee question. Administrative skills also involve the ability to perform the following tasks:

  1.     Data management
  2.     Update documents using Microsoft office
  3.     Social media management to communicate with businesses.

Skill #4: Project management 

Human resource specialists will most often find themselves standing in the middle of a significant project. To accomplish high goals, the HR specialist needs to be assertive and display strong work ethics. For example, at an interview panel, the Human Resource specialist is expected to display both expertise to identify someone who will be able to implement the objectives of the organization. Executive HR Consultant Joseph Campagna, says Human resource is a department of productivity and not a department of picnics. So, at an interview panel, the HR specialist must be able to ask the tough questions and align potential employees with the organizational goals.

Skills #5: Customer Care 

Excellent customer care skills are another primary requirement in an HR specialist because this is one of the skills that will help solve emerging problems between the employer and the employees. Moments of conflict and crisis overpayments require HR personnel that can serve the mediation role to resolve the differences between the two parties respectfully and efficiently.

Skill #6: Performance management 

Human Resource specialists need strong listening skill while at the same time, being pro-active. If you are planning to join an HR department, one thing that you must bear in mind always is that you are going to be interacting with people and their concerns. The HR specialist must be able to create a conducive work environment for everyone by taking the following action:

  • Listening and setting employee expectations
  • Monitoring the performance of the employees
  • Developing the capacity of the employees to perform
  • Evaluating their performance
  • Grading the performance.

These actions reflect an active display of interpersonal skills and respect for the diversity of views and people from different backgrounds.

Skill #7: Negotiation 

The ability to negotiate is another essential skill for HR specialists. Negotiations are part and parcel of HR activities. HR specialist consults when employees seek a high salary, in situations of disputes between the employee and the company and most importantly when a crisis hits a company, one of the persons that will work with the communications team to set things rolling is the Human Resource Manager. Excellent negotiation skills are displayed through problems solving, decision making and the ability to deal with stressful situations.

Skill #8: Conflict management

Conflict management is another essential human management skill. There will always be a conflict in the organization because not everyone finds the boss a good person or the organization a great place to work. Such scenarios imply that Human Resource specialists will always have to either manage conflict or solve a dispute. Studies show that the most efficient HR is one who ensures that employees stay employed and not the other way around.

Skill #9: Multitasking 

Today’s work environment is very dynamic, and work moves at a breakneck pace. The HR office will always be overwhelmed with questions, complaints, and requests concerning payments, vacations, travels and even education grants. HR specialists must be able to deal with all these issues at once.

As you can see, the skills for Human Resource specialists go beyond just being good with people. You may have what it takes to excel in human resources if you could see yourself getting into some of these skills.

Skill #10: Organization

The organization is one of the essential human resource management skills you need as an HR specialist. To be effective, you must be well organized, observe proper time management and focus on personal productivity. For example, paperwork related to employees must be filed appropriately, classified information about the organization properly kept away. Excellent organizational skills ensure that things are running seamlessly, and there are no cracks within the organizational structure.

If you think we have missed any vital skill, please share them with us in the comments below, and if you have all the skills outlined in this article, I bet you will have no trouble looking for your next HR job placement.

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