Here Are 6 Tips That Will Keep You Professionally Relevant in Today’s Workforce

ave you just scooped that highly coveted job, coming right after you graduated with a high GPA? Possibly you are still in that mode of excitement.

But wait a minute!

You have entered a highly competitive workforce where digital transformation requires a smart, competitive, relevant and marketable human resource.

Your employer expects no “this is what I studied” attitude. They are looking for people who are all-round, flexible and ready to adopt the changing workforce trends.

Fitting in today’s workforce would require you to keep evaluating yourself and seeking for ways to improve yourself mentally, physically and emotionally.

Hiring executives want to see you invested in your professional growth, regardless of your career level. This desire demonstrates that you have the drive, initiative and curiosity, to learn fresh stuff at all times.

Several Companies are striving to remain relevant and competitive by embracing current technologies and setting the standard for others to follow.

You will be a powerful employee by adopting a comparable job ethic.

Here are six tips that will help you stay relevant in the workforce.

Focus on constant skills development 

It’s crucial to keep your skills up to date. ‘You will need to take possession of your professional development to keep your skills updated.’ says Michael Melcher. He is the executive director of Next Step Partners leadership development company

Look to job boards to find what the most sought after skills are and take your initiative to develop them. You’ll make yourself more marketable to employers searching for experts in fields that require unique skills.

Build a reputation for yourself in your own company as someone who is continually looking for new knowledge to add something unique to your company.

Key takeaway: To assist you to brush up on Excel, Photoshop, public speaking, and other skills, look for internet classes — and learn from your desktop or mobile device at your speed

Improve your visibility

If your company is one of those that encourage the “Bring your Device – BYOD” Culture, grab the opportunity and use the devices, to build your visibility and personal brand.

Latest studies show that the BYOD culture not only increases the chances of employees to stay socially relevant but also boosts the visibility of their employees.

Make sure you have a visible professional presence on social media. The following four strategies will help you gain exposure and increase your visibility.

  • Get a speaking engagement at a major conference about your sector
  • Moderate a panel discussion at an industry conference
  • Participate in high-profile projects in your organization.
  • Initiate an outreach activity for corporate social responsibility.

Utilize Social Media

Do you spend professionally appropriate time on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? If yes, this is a good move that should keep you visible. One recent study by McKinsey Global Institute suggests that 72% of businesses have a robust social media presence and expect all employees to remain visible in social networks.

Social media is an excellent way for clients and customers to remain in contact. It enables you to show your work, voice your concerns, ask questions, and even interact with your customers.

Key takeaway: Increased Visibility adds value to your personality. Most importantly make sure that the tactics you use to increase your visibility match your professional career and goals. Do not use your social media platforms to post content that would make your employer cringe in shame.

Networking and more networking Pays 

Networking should be part one of the items on your to-do list each day. Active networking is essential for the workplace.

Networking is all about building interactions with industry colleagues to share new knowledge and information vital to your sector. But most importantly, networking is also about building a good reputation with your internal and external publics.

Tips on how to build a Network

Build a network

You can build both internal and external network. Start by interacting with industry colleagues to learn more about strategies to approach your job and ways to handle emerging problems.

External networks would help you understand how the workforce in another company deals with issues and approach their trade — still wondering about the benefits of networking?

Here is what you will benefit when you adapt to networking as part of your work lifestyle:

  • Strength business connections.
  • Learn about new job opportunities.
  • Get career advice
  • Gain fresh perspectives about your sector
  • Build confidence.

Key Takeaway: Networking is not an easy task for some people. The best way to develop your networks is to start by talking and listening to people. Always carry business cards with you so you can give them out to people you consider useful and relevant to your work. Always make a follow up on any communication you make with the people.

Keep informed about the latest industry news 

It’s much easier to find information that is relevant to your job today than it was before, thanks to the advent of the internet age. There are plenty of websites where you can find information about your work, trends and everything else you need to know to remain relevant at work.

Key takeaway: These two tricks will help you stay up to date with the latest information.

Expand your career growth

Attracting ten customers per month to your company and being declared the best salesperson of the month is not enough. If you want to catch the attention of top businesses and recruiters, you need to enhance your game continuously.

Find out how you could expand your career growth and get;

  • Get access to career guidance,
  • Guidance on workplace development
  • Work search tips sent directly to your inbox
  • Upload up to five versions of your curriculum vitae, each tailored to your employment interests.

Key takeaway: Recruiters are looking for competent employees every day, just like you, to fill top employment with skilled applicants. It’s up to you how far you go in your career, and Job Search can help you expand your career growth.


Staying professionally relevant to your workplace is one of the most worthwhile goals you should set yourself this year.

Don’t give up on the quest for new skills and knowledge; find spots where you need to visible and leave your mark.

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